• We wish to become the extension of your in-house R&D. You can rely on us for technical support, troubleshooting, contract research and for characterization of your new developments.
Contract Research

Contract Research

We are your growth partner in the design and development of novel materials and help solve complex problems. ChemSci Innovation is well experienced and equipped in supporting you for: -
- Exploratory research
- Literature survey and proposals
- Modification of an existing material
- Alternative synthetic routes and cost cutting.

ChemSci innovation has full capability to support your contract research needs in the field of polymer, advanced material, catalysis and biomaterials. If required, we also take the support of our network specialist to solve your problems.

Analysis and advice

Analysis and advice

We work closely with universities and chemical research institutes. ChemSci can support you in the charaterization of raw materials and products. We extend our support/advice to improve the quality of product.

Skill development courses

Our specially designed courses will help students and employees to enhance their theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. Our courses include, but not limited to following topics: -
- Chemical Reaction
- Polymer Science
- Polymerization Techniques
- Polymer Processing
- Material Characterization