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ChemSci Innovation Pvt Ltd

Your innovation partner

ChemSci Innovation is an innovative startup company. We are your growth partner. We can help you to grow your business by providing expertise, innovative solutions and trainings in chemical science

What We Offer

Offering literature survey, proposals, prototype development and manufacturing support.

Provide expertise in troubleshooting and streamlining your projects.

Offer characterization support to your new product developments.

Providing skill development courses to students and employees.

Main office

ChemSci Innovation's main office is in Pune and we have tie-ups with many universities and growing institutes.

Our vision

Our earnest efforts to become your growth catalyst and develop innovative solutions.

What our client says

I highly recommend Dr. Gajanan Pawar, to which I have had the pleasure of working with for the past couple of months, Dr. Gajanan is a driven, organized consultant with whom I developed a wonderful and inspiring relationship. Dr. Gajanan enthusiastically becomes involved in any project presented him, is passionate about new challenges and eagerly takes up extra responsibilities such as locating relevant publications, articles and even patents.  He has extensive life experiences and has conducted fascinating research over his career and can relate to a multitude of topics. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, even with his extensive background, he never talks down to an individual.  It is my honor and privilege to recommend Dr. Gajanan Pawar for your next project.

- Donald Murphy, USA

Very competent and friendly. Saved me lots of work and time. Highly recommended .

- Dan Iancu, UK

Gajanan Pawar has been working on a project for our company for several months now and I want to say how pleased we are to have found him. His knowledge of chemistry is vast and he has aided our project development immensely. He has been on time with everything he has promised and presented it in a very comprehensible manner. He has been very reasonable in his charges to us. We plan to continue engaging Gajanan.

- Collier Perry, USA

I highly recommend Dr. Gajanan Pawar. To which I had the pleasure of working with. I was very pleased. I love how Dr. Pawar broke everything down to me. Where that I can understand everything. What I love about Dr. Pawar is that he have patience. He has been on time with everything. So its my honor and privilege to recommend Dr. Gajanan Pawar for your next project. I will continue on using him.

- Tricia Hickman, USA

Gajanan Pawar has been such a pleasure to work with! He is extremely knowledgable, personable, hardworking and passionate about his work. Prior to working with Gajanan, we spoke via zoom to get to know each other and ensure we were the best fit for each other to work with. He took the time to introduce himself and made sure he was clear on understanding what we wanted. Each week he provided us with more information and the progress of his work for our first phase of our product. He provides so much detail and information in his R&D phase and makes sure to put it in terms that you can understand (even if science is not your thing). We are looking forward to continue to work with Gajanan on our second phase of the development of our product. We will give our full final review on the product once it is fully developed and ready to go into production!

- Amanda Gyetvay, USA

Dr Pawar has been extremely helpful in our project. He is responsive, finishes the work on time, and explains everything comprehensively. Most importantly, he is a very nice person to work alongside, and I look forward to working with him many more times in the future!

- Sonny Scott, Australia